Nov 25, 2022 • 1HR 12M

Self-unfolding and Slow Change with Steve Schlafman

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On Renewal explores how we build the capacity to respond to change and create conditions for regeneration. Hosted by Sam Sager, the show features conversations that explore how to bring vitality to our bodies, minds, organizations, society and the natural world around us.
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Schlaf |  Conscious & Compassionate Change
Steve Schlafman

Steve Schlafman, a professional coach and writer, joins to share his perspective on change. He tells stories from his own life including his journey with addiction, pivot from a successful career in VC, and experience coaching high achievers. We discuss habits to support recovery, change as a slow wave, and the power of self-unfolding. Steve shares about parts-work, the shadow, and wholeness through his experiences with internal family systems (IFS). Lastly, we explore ways to rethink ambition and how many of society’s biggest problems are a “being problem”.

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“The shadow unfolding into wholeness”

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