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The Mystical in the Mundane with Tracy Townsend

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On Renewal explores how we build the capacity to respond to change and create conditions for regeneration. Hosted by Sam Sager, the show features conversations that explore how to bring vitality to our bodies, minds, organizations, society and the natural world around us.
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Dr. Tracy Townsend

Dr. Tracy Townsend joins to discuss her experiences with psychedelics as a tool for transformation and healing. She explains why she is leaving a career as an orthopedic surgeon to launch, Eleusia Health, a start-up focused on psychedelic medicine and holistic care. We cover use cases and the potential impact of psychedelics, especially when incorporated with modalities like meditation and breathwork. Tracy shares her perspective on topics like conscious experience as a controlled hallucination, the illusion of separation, and being in “right relationship” to life. We explore how these themes apply to parenting, nutrition, exercise, and the natural world.

“Finding the mystical in carrying water”

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