Nov 4, 2022 • 1HR 13M

Move Better, Hurt Less with Sam Martin

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On Renewal explores how we build the capacity to respond to change and create conditions for regeneration. Hosted by Sam Sager, the show features conversations that explore how to bring vitality to our bodies, minds, organizations, society and the natural world around us.
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Sam Martin

Sam Martin joins for a deep dive on the human body and movement patterns. We talk about why so many of us have restricted or painful movement and what we can do to address it. Sam discusses the key movements that all humans should be able to do and practical approaches to regaining these natural capacities without getting overwhelmed. We dig into nerdy topics like neuromuscular reeducation, pressure points, and full range of motion loading. But most of all Sam provides inspiration and actionable advice on how to reconnect to our bodies and train in a way that actually feels good.

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Twitter: @movebettersam


YouTube: MoveBetterProject Videos

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Twitter: @sc_sager



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