Dec 9, 2022 • 49M

Creative Experiments with Charlotte Grysolle

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Sam Sager
On Renewal explores how we build the capacity to respond to change and create conditions for regeneration. Hosted by Sam Sager, the show features conversations that explore how to bring vitality to our bodies, minds, organizations, society and the natural world around us.
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Charlotte Grysolle

Charlotte Grysolle joins to share about her experiences exploring the nervous system, writing online, and completing a year of creative experiments. We chat about how she applies nerdy concepts like neuroplasticity and myelination in her own life. Charlotte gives practical tips on how individuals can reframe stress, unlock creativity, and cultivate calm on a daily basis. She even demonstrates how one can drop into panoramic vision in real-time during the episode. Throughout the discussion, you’ll hear how Charlotte is evolving in real-time through her experiences transitioning from a 10-year advertising career to online writing and supporting the students of Write of Passage.

“Creativity on the Horizon”

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Workshop: Your Year of Creative Experiments

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