Birdsong, Amusia, Aphantasia, and our Sensory Capacities
Food Forests, Functional Interconnection, and Self-Regulating Health

January 2023

The Mystical in the Mundane with Tracy TownsendListen now (67 min) | Listen on: (Spotify | Apple) Dr. Tracy Townsend joins to discuss her experiences with psychedelics as a tool for transformation…

December 2022

Unfolding, Shared Places, and Intuitive Fitness
My journey learning to be myself on the internet
Creative Experiments with Charlotte GrysolleListen now (49 min) | Charlotte Grysolle joins to share about her experiences exploring the nervous system, writing online, and completing a year of…
Wintering, Dormancy in Fitness, and the Fertile Void

November 2022

Self-unfolding and Slow Change with Steve SchlafmanAscolta ora (72 min) | Listen on: (Spotify | Apple) Steve Schlafman, a professional coach and writer, joins to share his perspective on change. He tells…
Move Better, Hurt Less with Sam MartinListen now (73 min) | Sam Martin joins for a deep dive on the human body and movement patterns. We talk about why so many of us have restricted or…
An intentional path to cultivate intrinsic motivation

October 2022

Reflections on Place and Work
Productivity as Emotion Regulation with Dan ShipperListen now (70 min) | Dan Shipper, Co-Founder of Every, joins to explore productivity through the lens of emotion regulation. We talk about how beneath…